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Rental of Nordonia High School Auditorium

Rental rates are assigned according to the classification of the renting group or organization. School activities will always be given the first priority when scheduling facilities. The rental classifications are as follows:
Group A: Defined as groups organized and created solely through the existence of the school such as, and extended to, the following Nordonia Hills City School District groups: Girl Scouts, Brownies, Campfire, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Safety Town, DARE, and youth athletic organizations, PTA/PTSA organizations, Nordonia Band Aides and Nordonia Athletic Boosters.
Group B: An open (non-discriminatory) Nordonia Hills City School District community group whose purpose is largely to promote the general welfare of the community such as YMCA, YWCA, social, church or recreational groups, community bands, adult athletics and business associations.
Group C: Any non-discriminatory group not meeting the requirements of Group A or Group B.

Rental Rates

Group A organizations: No rental fees will apply for use of the facilities with the exception of additional fees related to the use of the High School Auditorium*. A labor fee for custodial personnel will be assessed when our staff incurs overtime due to your group’s activity on weeknights. Weekend custodial rates will be billed at time-and-a-half on Saturday and double-time on Sunday when no school sponsored activity is running concurrently with your event.
Group B Group C
HS Auditorium* $12.00 per hour $50.00 per hour
Additional fees will be charged accordingly:
Stage lighting $17.00 per hour
PA System $20.00
Additional microphones $9.00 each
Piano $10.00 (plus tuning if needed)
Projector on Cart $9.00 each
Cafeteria (Grp B) $15.00 and (Grp C) $25.00 per hour
Kitchen (Grp B) $8.00 and (Grp C) $25.00 per hour plus labor
Classrooms (Grp B) $4.00 and (Grp C) $15.00 per hour each
Sound shells $100.00/event
Risers $100.00/event
Music Stands $30.00/event
House Video System $100.00/event
Spot lights $100.00/event
  • Applications for use of the high school auditorium require special approval from the Auditorium Manager. Each organization requesting use must designate one (1) person to make contact with said Auditorium Manager minimally thirty (30) days in advance of requested use. Based on the information gathered during this meeting, he/she will establish what additional charges will be assessed for lighting, sound, security, coordination, etc. A labor charge for the Auditorium Manager will be assessed up to $39.00 per hour. Please call 330-908-6045 to arrange a meeting or to seek additional information regarding use of the auditorium.
  • Lighting settings may not be changed. No lights should be physically changed.
  • No seating will be allowed in aisles or blocking exits. The auditorium capacity is 734.
  • The auditorium rental includes: backstage area, auditorium seating, lobby area, house lighting, podium, American flag, Hallway dressing area, and projection screen. Renters may be required to provide a laptop, if needed.
  • No food or drink will be allowed in the auditorium.
When completing your application, please consider the following:
  • Please specify the total number of participants and audience members expected. We must have that information to gage the scope of your event and to provide a proper estimate. Total seating capacity in the Nordonia High School Auditorium is 734. The auditorium seating chart can be found here.
  • We must know the expected set up and clean up time required for your event. If you are reserving the auditorium for an evening event and need to set up in the morning, you must request the space via the Facilities Management System at least two weeks in advance. You will be charged for all rental and labor expenses incurred.
  • Please specify all equipment that is required. Each item is quoted separately, therefore, we need to know exactly what your needs are and how many of each item(s) is required for your event.
  • If you require additional amenities while using the auditorium, you must request each space separately. You can do so in the same application as the one for the auditorium. For example, you need classrooms for dressing, the cafeteria for a social event and the kitchen from which to serve your refreshments. Please request each space and the date/time needed. You must reserve the additional facilities in this manner in order to ensure availability.
  • If you would like to schedule a tour of the facility prior to your event, please contact our High School Building Foreman at 330-801-7536 to arrange a time.
  • Custodian and Maintenance staff fees will be charged in accordance with Board Policy. The Auditorium Manager must be present during your event. Appropriate staff must be present if you request use of the kitchen. Labor fees are charged at time and a half on Saturday and double time on Sunday for all groups, regardless of classification. All other fees associated with use of the auditorium are listed above.
Invoicing and Payment of Fees

Renters will be invoiced for the actual time space is used. It will be the responsibility of the activity supervisor to sign off on the building log sheet immediately following your event. This extra step is to ensure accuracy in the information being billed and thus protect all parties involved as groups occasionally will over-run their allotted time, finish early or make last minute changes in the space requirements. The log serves as a chance for the activity supervisor to finalize the information so that corrected invoices need not be issued.

Please be considerate of the 48 hour cancellation rule. Due to limited space and high demand, your consideration in this regard is appreciated. The Nordonia Hills City School District reserves the right to charge applicable fees for any “no-show” events.

We make every attempt to curtail custodial charges for groups that have building time which overlaps with another outside group or have an event running concurrently with a school-related function. Groups will be responsible for a labor fee when:
  • Custodial and/or maintenance personnel incur overtime due to your group’s activity on weeknights.
  • Your group is using space(s) outside of normal operating hours. Weekend custodial and/or maintenance rates will be billed, including set-up and clean-up time, at time-and-a-half on Saturday and at double-time on Sunday.
  • Snow removal is required to open a building outside of normal operating hours specifically to accommodate your activity.
  • Cafeteria staff or the auditorium manager is required for your event.
Renters agree to make final payment to the Business Office within thirty days of the final invoice. In the event that payment of fees are made by check and said check is returned for insufficient funds, account closed or other similarly related circumstance by the respective financial institution, the Treasurer will make every reasonable effort to obtain indemnification to replace the returned check. Additionally, the Treasurer is authorized to assess a $20.00 service charge for each respective check. The service charge will be in addition to the amount owed for the returned check.

District-owned equipment is not included in the direct or indirect costs and shall be charged to the renting group based on request and type of equipment.

The Nordonia Hills City School District reserves the right to request payment of estimated fees in advance and to deny use of any facility due to failure to pay charges or fees.